Before and After

5 Years in Annandale

5 years ago we took the leap of faith and decided to open a bricks and mortor store in Annandale.  Our business had grown too large to operate from home and our small warehouse was bursting at the seams, so after many months of seaching, we finally found our new home at 2-4 Nelson St.

outside - new


As we had grown primarily out of a wholesale business – BenElke,  most of the initial product was only things that we manufactured or imported.  As a result, the place was pretty empty when we first started….

Shop 023

Shop 015

Shop 016

Now,  after 5 years,  we have grown quite a bit…..we are quite proud !

Shop 1

And we have added a cafe 🙂


Many thanks to everyone for supporting us over the last 5 years.


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