Back to School

chairbag3One of the nice things about Oilcloth is its versatility. Just in time for the school year, we have a number of suggestions to help your child make an impact and also personalise their books or lunch

1. Chair Bags
So many schools are cramped for space and don’t have room available for kids to keep their books or pencils to hand. Our chair bags fit perfectly over the back a chair and have chalk cloth tags to write their name.


2. Lunch Bags
Most of our Lunch bags (about 90%) are made in Australia at a sheltered workshop which provides employment to handicapped or disabled individuals.

Available in a variety of fun patterns which are always changing, they make even Vegemite sandwiches look cool


3. School Book Covers
What better use can their be for old oilcloth remnants than covering childrens books ? It sure beats contact and makes a great statement. We did some in the store recently and took pictures along the way.


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