Mexican Art

Not all our products make it onto the website. Some, such as these Talavera Plates are only available in store.


Talavera was introduced to Mexico by Spanish guild artisans of the Colonial period and draws its name from the 16th century Spanish pottery center, Talavera de la Reina. All the Talavera in store is handmade in Puebla, Mexico, and are distinguished by the use of Celestial motifs that claim these pieces as uniquely Mexican. You can read more about it here on Wikipedia, but my favourite quotes was that – this process is so complicated and plagued with the possibility of irreparable damage that during colonial times, artisans prayed special prayers, especially during the firing process‚

Looking at the pieces it is not hard to see why‚


Another item that we have in store, that has to be seen to be believed, are these incredible Mexican Yarn Paintings

These are made by the Huichol Indians, who were among the last tribes to come under Spanish rule and their religion is still practiced along pre-Columbian beliefs.

These revolve around several important agricultural deities, who form a sacred trinity in conjunction with the Eagle. All are believed to be descended from the Sun God – Tao Jreeku

  •  Deer is the most sacred of all animals, its blood a symbol of fertility.
  • Corn is the source of all life, for it was Nacahue, mother of all gods, who gave corn to the first man for planting, and from it was born the first Huichol woman.
  • Peyote is a means of communication with the gods, and the consumption of peyote by the Huichol people is a deeply religious experience.

mexicanyarn-1Each “painting” is made first by spreading a thin layer of beeswax and pine resin over a flat piece of wood, and then meticulously pushing thin strands of acrylic yarn into the wax to create complex patterns and symbols.

For more information, you can check out the wiki page.

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