Our 5 Favourite uses for Oilcloth that do not involve Sewing – No 3

One of the first things we ever did with an off-cut of oilcloth fabric was to cover a notebook, which looked so good, that we have made a habit out of it. We love it and think it makes a nice change from “Contact”.


It’s also a handy way to decorate the kids school books


First identify what book you want to cover and make sure your off-cut is large enough to cover the outside


Run the oilcloth under the spine of the book.


and then fold the corners back over themselves in nice neat triangles.


Sticky tape the edges down to hold in place and make the fabric tight.


Once your happy, you can run some more sticky tape down the entire inside edge


The Finished Product 🙂


It’s not just kids school books, you can cover folders and old diary’s as well.





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