The Artistry of Mexico

Alright,  we need to say right from the start that we LOVE Mexico !!!

One of the fun things about having a business is sourcing product. And we just spent 3 wonderful weeks where we overwhelmed with the colour,  workmanship,  textiles and architecture of this extraordinary country.

Mexico has a rich cultural heritage,  drawing from a number of Pre-Columbian (think Incan,  Mayan and Olmec just to name a few) civilisations as well as the artistry and crafts that the Spanish brought with them.  This mix of old and new world skills have been the influence for artists such as Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera as well as numerous Architects,  Writers and artisans,  many of whom still use traditional techniques to produce their wares.

Whilst we can’t bring back everything we saw, we do want to share some of the more interesting or fun items we came across (like this photo we took to remind us how happy the Mayans were 🙂

Our 5 Favourite uses for Oilcloth that do not involve Sewing – No 4

Who doesn’t love IKEA ?

We are proud owners of several bookcases and always found them to be both practical and functional. We do think they can be a little bland though and that’s why this simple idea makes it on to our top 10.

There’s nothing hard about this one. We are using this in our office as a room divider and have access to half of the shelves in the front and half from behind

Our 5 Favourite uses for Oilcloth that do not involve Sewing – No 3

One of the first things we ever did with an off-cut of oilcloth fabric was to cover a notebook, which looked so good, that we have made a habit out of it. We love it and think it makes a nice change from “Contact”.

It’s also a handy way to decorate the kids school books


First identify what book you want to cover and make sure your off-cut is large enough to cover the outside.

A Romantic Anniversary Story

True Story. A man walks into a shop looking for an anniversary gift for his wife of 10 years. He has a plan. He usually starts thinking about the gift 3 – 6 months before the date, just to be sure he gets it right. And there are very strict criteria to be met. He and his wife follow the traditional anniversary gift calendar. For the 10th Anniversary this is tin, and our beautiful hand crafted Mexican Tin Mirrors have caught his eye.

Back to School

One of the nice things about Oilcloth is its versatility. Just in time for the school year, we have a number of suggestions to help your child make an impact and also personalise their books or lunch

1. Chair Bags

So many schools are cramped for space and don’t have room available for kids to keep their books or pencils to hand. Our chair bags fit perfectly over the back a chair and have chalk cloth tags to write their name.

Mexican Art

Not all our products make it onto the website. Some, such as these Talavera Plates are only available in store.

Talavera was introduced to Mexico by Spanish guild artisans of the Colonial period and draws its name from the 16th century Spanish pottery center, Talavera de la Reina. All the Talavera in store is handmade in Puebla, Mexico, and are distinguished by the use of Celestial motifs that claim these pieces as uniquely Mexican. You can read more about it here on Wikipedia, but my favourite quote was that – this process is so complicated and plagued with the possibility of irreparable damage that during colonial times, artisans prayed special prayers, especially during the firing process‚

First Post

It’s taken a while, but Me Too Please (MTP) finally have a blog page on our Website. This is where we’ll share what’s new, what’s coming, how people are using our products and generally a little more about the things we like.

It’s not far from Christmas and we’re starting to see people coming into the shop looking for presents and inspiration for the holiday season. One of our favourites is this incredible Triptych Nativity made by Jean Marie, one of our Haitian artists.

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